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CP-H-0001 HSW Kit No. 1
CP-H-0002 HSW Kit No. 2
CP-H-0003 HSW Kit No. 3
CP-H-0004 HSW Kit No. 4
CP-H-0005 BOKT Clip 55
CP-H-0006 BOKT Clip 5M
CP-H-0007 HSW End Cap No. 1 W/O Valve
CP-H-0008 HSW End Cap No. 2 W/O Valve
CP-H-0009 HSW End Cap No. 3 W/O Valve
CP-H-0010 HSW End Cap No. 4 W/O Valve
CP-H-0011 HSW End Cap No. 5 W/O Valve
CP-H-0012 HSW End Cap No. 2 W/Valve
CP-H-0013 HSW End Cap No. 3 W/Valve
CP-H-0014 HSW End Cap No. 4 W/Valve
CP-H-0015 HSW End Cap No. 5 W/Valve
CP-H-0016 RWPS 45/15-250
CP-H-0017 RWPS 65/20-250
CP-H-0018 RWPS 95/30-250
CP-H-0019 Male Elbow
CP-H-0020 HS Tubing No. 1
CP-H-0021 HS Tubing No. 2
CP-H-0022 HS Tubing No. 3
CP-H-0023 HS Tubing No. 4
CP-H-0024 HS Tubing No. 5
CP-CT-0001 Closures 2A2A-2
CP-CT-0002 Closures 2B2A-2
CP-CT-0003 Closures 2B2A-3
CP-CT-0004 Closures 2B2A-4A
CP-CT-0005 Closures 2C2A-2
CP-CT-0006 Closures 2C2A-3
CP-CT-0007 Closures 2C2A-4A
CP-CT-0008 Closures 2D2A-2
CP-CT-0009 Closures 2D2A-3
CP-CT-0010 ATS 10PR DP Box C/W 2.5MTR
Tail, IDC Block And Arrester
CP-CT-0011 ATS 20PR DP Box C/W 2.5MTR
Tail, IDC Block And Arrester
CP-CT-0012 U710-TCI-5 MOD Connector
CP-CT-0013 U710-TCI-10 MOD Connector
CP-CT-0014 U710-TCI-20 MOD Connector
CP-CT-0015 PSI Tool Kit Complete Type 2
CP-CT-0016 Hand Presser Tool CPT
CP-CT-0017 Solvent Wipes CSSC20
CP-CT-0018 Bridge Removal Tool BRT 10
CP-CT-0019 Cap Removal Tool CRT 10
CP-CT-0020 Tapes RTW 36
CP-CT-0021 Tapes RTW 72
CP-CT-0022 Tapes RC 45
CP-CT-0023 Tapes RC 62
CP-CT-0024 Tapes RC 96
CP-CT-0025 Tapes RTE 36
CP-CT-0026 Tapes RTE 46
CP-CT-0027 Tapes RTE 62