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HW-S-0001 Safety Vest Luminous Strip without Logo
Material: Polyester Netting, Velco
HW-S-0002 Safety Vest Luminous Strip without Logo
Material: Polyester Fabric, Zip
HW-S-0003 Safety Vest Material Strip with Logo
Material: Polyester Netting, Velcro
Material: Polyester Fabric, Zip
HW-S-0004 Traffic Safety Cone 32" With Luminous Strip Heavy Duty Hexagon Base
HW-S-0005 Safety Helmet without Logo
HW-S-0006 Safety Rain Boots Wellington Type
HW-S-0007 Safety Boots Leather Knee Level With Metal Cap Oil And Heat Resistance Sole
HW-S-0008 Blinkers W/O Battery
HW-S-0009 Blinkers Batteries
HW-S-0010 Batton Lights With Batteries (Non Blinking)
HW-S-0011 Batton Lights With Battery Blinking Type (2 In 1)
HW-S-0012 Batton Reflective
HW-S-0013 Revolving Light Magnetic Base
HW-S-0014 Revolving Light Screw Type

HW-S-0015 Rain Coat-Heavy Duty Overall Type
HW-S-0016 Rain Coat With Pants Heavy Duty
HW-S-0017 Road Safety Fence Orange Size 4'X100' Per Roll
HW-S-0018 String Barricade Luminous
50MTR Per String Length
HW-S-0019 Hazard Tape Red/White
2"X500MTR Per Roll
HW-S-0020 Gloves Leather Heavy Duty
HW-S-0021 GLoves Leather Thin
HW-S-0022 GLoves Half Leather
HW-S-0023 Dust Mask Thin (Mouth)
HW-S-0024 Dust Mouth Thick
HW-S-0025 Linesman Waist Pouch Leather
HW-S-0026 Linesman Waist Pouch PVC
HW-S-0027 Traffic Sign Boards 'AWAS'
HW-S-0028 Traffic Sign Boards 'MEN AT WORK'
HW-S-0029 Traffic Sign Boards Direction Arrow
HW-S-0030 Traffic Sign Boards 'HARAP MAAF'
HW-S-0031 Road Traffic Barricade
HW-S-0032 Safety Belt Waist Only
HW-S-0033 Safety Belt Waist To Shoulder
HW-S-0034 Multi-Gas Detector

HW-S-0029 Traffic Sign Boards Direction Arrow